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Why hoop earrings are in trend?

Jul 25,2022 | Bamoer


                                  Why hoop earrings are in trend

By Bamoer

For thousands of years, earrings have been an eternal part of cultures around the world, and they remain iconic even today. Earrings have become status symbols. And just as the times and culture have changed over the years, so have earrings. There is a wide range of styles in earrings. You can choose different designs and styles of earrings according to your preferences. There are lots of varieties, you can choose different styles of earrings for different occasions.


Stud earrings, Dangle earrings, Hoop earrings, Huggie earrings, Drop earrings, Chandelier earrings, Cluster earrings, Bajoran earrings, Threaded earrings, Crawler earrings, Jacket earrings, Tassel earrings, Ear Cuff Earrings, Ball earrings, Barbell earrings, Plug earrings, and ear spike earrings are some different styles of earrings. All of these styles are in trend but Hoop earrings hold a special place in a girl’s heart.


Hoop earrings come usually in round shapes. They look like hula-hoops that’s why it called hoop earrings. These earrings cover the ear from the front of the earlobe to all around to the back. But not all hoop earrings are completely round, also they do vary in size. For example, smaller hoop earrings result in a much more understated look, but large hoop earrings are much more dramatic.

Having variety in size, hoop earrings have variety in styles also. Different styles of hoop earrings have been mentioned below.



  • Twisted Hoop Earrings

These Twisted Hoop earrings have become popular among college-going girls. Having three layers and twisted design these earrings are a statement for all purposes.


  • Clip On Hoop earrings

These Clip on Hoop earrings give a simply stunning look. Easy to wear earrings which is preferred by most of the Girls.


  • Tapered Hoop Earrings

These Tapered Hoop Earrings make a great gift for all the mermaids you have in your life and this can make them smile all day long.

  • Large Hoop Earrings

These large Hoop earrings are a first choice of of ladies. These earring are light wieght and revealing too. Catches everyone’s eyes.


  • Hinged Hoop earrings

These Hinged hoop earring are more comfortable than the others due to its lock system. It cover the ear from front to back and gives a complement to the casual look.


  • Cuff Hoop earrings

These cuff earrings give a party look. It gives a statement


  • Tiny Hoop Earrings

The Tiny Hoop earrings are very comfortable and casual. These are the best option for school going girls and for those who don’t wear heavy and big earrings.


Why wear hoop earrings?

Hoop earrings are very famous, as they are so fabulous. Hoop earrings are easy to wear easy to style with any dress and also easily available these qualities make hoop earring First choice of every lady out there.

Popular among celebrities:

You must have seen many of the celebrities twirling with beautiful Hoop Earrings. So, Hoop earrings are popular among celebrities also this can be a reason girls love to wear these Hoop earring.


Pocket Friendly:

Hoop earring are something that comes under your budget. Anyone can buy these earring due to its Pocket friendly nature.


Hoop earrings don't give you an overlook on the dress. If you are wearing hoop earrings with outfits, it will give you a classy look.

These earrings have been since the 1960s. It is 2021 now, and they are still in style. Hoop earrings never go out of style. Even we can see more and more designs in hoops as time goes on. These Hoop Earrings draws attention to your face. There are a lot of different varieties of these earrings in the market. Only you should be able to choose.


Here at Bamoer, you can have all these varieties , even more as you can customize your hoops according to your desires that too without breaking your bank.