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About us

Bamoer's jewelry conveys the mystery, innocence, and natural beauty of women. Each exquisite design makes women's daily dress no longer extravagant but shows that unique to you.

Bamoer LogoThe Name of Bamoer

This is an inspiring love story from our founder Dacky Zhao and Bamoer Elf Queen Cindy.

Dacky Zhao has been working in the jewelry field for 18 years. Cindy is quietly supportive, genuinely encouraging, and always there for Dacky Zhao, her intelligence gave birth to Dacky Zhao's dream of creating a jewelry brand.


Dacky Zhao said: "My wife Cindy is unique, like a beautiful fairy in the forest,giving me the light of love. Seeing Cindy's beautiful appearance, I feel very happy."

Dacky Zhao wanted to share his happiness and joy,so he followed Cindy's social name "Bamoer" as the brand name, that means "Fairly" in Chinese,conveying the love, wisdom, agility, and uniqueness of Bamoer, the fairy queen in the mysterious forest.



Bamoer LogoDesign Inspiration

The mysterious forest in nature is one of the main sources of inspiration for Bamoer. It responds to the various forms and nuances of creatures and portrays the lightness, freshness, and agility of the born spirit. Bamoer's Jewelry includes the playful form of industrious little bees, cute flower bones dancing in the wind, and the appearance of flying elves, and so on. This is a sea of flowers, a paradise for animals, and it brings us a fresh and unique forest atmosphere. Various creatures are transformed into exquisite jewelry at the hands of our designers.

Bamoer was established in 2003 and is located in Shenzhen, China. Our initial development originated from e-commerce, inheriting the jewelry design concept of "Fashion Creates Elegance, Aesthetics Shapes Taste". Today, Bamoer has received consumer recognition in more than 200 countries around the world. We have also brought in experienced original fashion designers. They are full of enthusiasm and innovative spirit, loyal to the recognition of Bamoer's development philosophy and love for jewelry, and use their unique perspectives and creativity to vividly inject the natural elements of the forest into each piece of jewelry, bringing vitality and poetry to Bamoer .
Bamoer design inspiration

Bamoer LogoExquisite Craftsmanship

In the past 14 years, the craftsmen in our workshop have used silver wire as the bone and inlaid as the soul. They have treated every complicated and tedious process with their heart and carved one after another with exquisite craftsmanship, which has made sterling silver jewelry with elegant, refined, and spiritual.

Bamoer Logo

Bamoer's Culture

Green is the lucky color of Bamoer. The founder Dacky Zhao advocates fashion and environmental protection. Green is full of youthful vitality. Our team is also very young, like grass, full of passion and vitality.

We in Bamoer have a unique family culture. Each of us has a family name. We are like brothers and sisters, fighting together and realizing our dreams together. We enjoy the joy of acquaintance, we are grateful for every effort and effort. We are used to giving people around us a smile and a hug, conveying positive energy.


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