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Bamoer Jewelry- Best Jewelry Stores Online Wholesale

Mar 10,2022 | Bamoer

Brief Introduction

As world leading brand, Bamoer Jewelry is the best Jewelry stores online. With over ten years experience, we focus on producing 925 sterling silver jewelry, high-quality zircon and gold-plated jewelry. Bamoer is dedicated to original, which integrates design, production and sales. Years of experience have enabled Bamoer to form its own unique style. And each of the jewelry also exudes a fresh and natural atmosphere. For every beautiful woman, Bamoer will add a different kind of dazzling touch for you.

Bamoer Jewelry Brand Story


What We Offer   

As the best online jewelry stores, Bamoer Jewelry provides a large variety of jewelries for you to choose from. These include charms earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets, jewelry sets, DIY charm series and more. Each product has different styles and provides different kinds of beauty. Besides, we have different jewelry series, such as the coco style series representing by pearls. No matter what material you like, Bamoer can satisfy you well. 925 sterling silver, zircon, gemstone, gold vermeil on silver, pearls, etc. are all available.

Bamoer Jewelry- Best Chinese Jewelry Stores Online


Bamoer Jewelry Brand Story

There is a romantic fairy tale story about Bamoer Jewelry. One day, the elf queen Bamoer came to a forest, and she found that many small animals were immersed in work, without any vitality. Then, Bamoer performed magic, adding glittering jewelry to every creature. She also left a charming color wherever she went. Suddenly, the creatures in the entire forest became active, and everyone sang and danced, full of joy and happiness. The forest became alive and vigorous! Everyone is full of unlimited energy, and Bamoer became the queen of the elves. Legend as it goes in the magical forest, but Bamoer jewelry, it can help you achieve all wishes.

Bamoer Jewelry- Best Chinese Jewelry Stores Online Wood Elves


Eco-friendly Jewelry Brand

As a leader in the jewelry industry, Bamoer Jewelry always promotes “green culture”. It means we are an Eco-friendly online jewelry stores. On the one hand, we strive to create fashionable and environmentally friendly products. There are countless cute jewels in the shape of small animals, reminding people to love creatures. Among them, Tree of Life Ring is one of our main styles, representing the evergreen life in all seasons. On the other hand, green is the main hue of Bamoer. Whether it is the green forest decoration of the office environment, or the fragrance of birds and flowers, the group team working here maintains passion, vitality and health.

Bamoer Jewelry- Best Chinese Jewelry Stores Online Animal World Element


First-class Designers

Bamoer jewelry owns many outstanding designers, who have won global excellent design awards. They have unique views on jewelry aesthetics. Moreover, they give each accessory its own unique story. Therefore, bring the lifeless jewelry to a full soul and temperament. Generally speaking, Bamoer trendy designers use natural melody as the keynote. They also incorporate modern aesthetics, and the forest element, showing fresh and natural flavor. Inspired by forest elements, you can see lovely flower, kind elves, bees, foxes, and trees elements in our jewelries. They have become main elements of Bamoer jewelry. It is very suitable as a gift for women, girls, mom, sisters and friend. We say it could definitely show their personality very well.

Bamoer Jewelry- Best Chinese Jewelry Stores Online Designers


Our Mission

Bamoer Jewelry has a deep sense of purpose, which is to let every woman express her own unique beauty. Just like our brand, Bamoer, As Unique As You, we always stick to our mission. As an original brand, Bamoer also provide affordable jewelry to every woman worldwide. Bamoer Jewelry online store offers great chance for every person. Every working woman, full-time mother, or school student can have his own set of jewelry. At the same time, we also carry forward the concept of green and environmental protection. The design of each set of jewelry is based on the original state of the forest, such as tees, bees, flowers, etc.

Bamoer Power and Strength

As an original jewelry designer, Bamoer Jewelry series sell well in overseas markets because of high quality and competitive price. Besides, our export countries are all over the world, including the United States, Canada, Austria, Finland and so on. It is well-loved by customers all over the world. For a unit price of more than $59, we offer free shipping worldwide. Moreover, each photo of model jewelry is taken by our professional photographer in person. All major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube are all available. Customers think highly of our original jewelries.


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Business & Sales Operations Entity:
Company Address: Mill Lees Street, Swinton, Manchester, UK
Email: contact@bamoer.com
Website: https://bamoercharms.com/

Advertisement Operation Party:
Company Name:Shenzhen Bamoer Fashion Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Company Address: 1201-2, Building 1, No.9 Jinxiu Middle Road,Laokeng Community, Longtian Street, Pingshan District,ShenZhen,51800,CN (The office instead of Store address)


Bamoer Jewelry Chinese online stores

With the world's trendy designers, first-class jewelry materials, and top craftsmanship

No matter you know Bamoer, we will satisfy you very well. We insist on giving the best jewelry to the best you.

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